Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I am having a MAJOR girl crush on model

After reading the article on the plus-size AMAZING model in the latest issue of MADISON
I have decided that it's out with the thin and in with the thick.

She is not only stunning but is also my age and is truly embracing her curves and her body.
Robyn is to me the true definition of what a REAL woman should look like and has the confidence to boot. 

She is such an amazing role model for girls of all ages and sizes and PROVES that you don't have to be stick thin and weigh 30kgs to wear the latest trends and designer gear as well as rock the COVER of ITALIAN VOGUE!

So I make my public declaration here to all of you that from now on instead of shying away and being embarassed by my curves, I will embrace them.

Robyn I Salute You, You Amazing Gorgeous Woman!


pics from: weheartit, google, Robyn's FB Page

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